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Lydia Joy Nickerson

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

 Barrel of a Gun in Order

June 26th 2019, Barrel of a Gun Chasing Dreams

My name is Joy! And I've just moved to Colorado. I didn't know that when I came here that I would fall in love with Michael. My life is actually a sad story filled with PTSD, but Michael helps make it better.

When my life starts going well, I begin to there anything else out there?

Like there might be something coming and this is the last bit of calm before the storm.

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July 19th, 2019 – Barrel of a Gun: Marissa Journals #1

Good day, mate! I'm sure you know who I am by now. Listen, I never really kept up with writing down things as they happen, I tend to experience them and write them down later. Which means my thoughts are all jumbled up, So I hope you can make sense of my thoughts.

I accidentally ended up in a different universe from my own. Unable to return home I decided to check around and see what I can do. Maybe if I work hard enough I can help save this world from the brink of doom...

Then maybe I can make up for the wrongs I've done.

Available on Amazon!