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Lydia Joy Nickerson

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Alternative Reality Comic

All images used to create came from Rinmaru Games

When I was looking through the manga maker games on Rinmaru's site I happened upon a high school scene creator with multiple pages. I started designing an idea I had with a "What If Scenario". What if Rose and Richard were normal humans? What if they met in High School? So there you have it. Enjoy!

I saw these next two as perfect opportunities to show what these four would dress up as for Christmas or Halloween. For Halloween Richard would be the Big Bad Wolf and Rose would be sweet talked into being Little Red Riding Hood. Whereas Zillah and Vidar would plan out their halloween costumes to match. Thus they are the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter!

As for Christmas, that's Rose's time of year. She loves Christmas and would find outfits for everyone. Making sure that they matched their respective others. So she and Richard would be the Clauses whereas Zillah and spite them she would make them Candy Canes.